Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Day 3 - The Lion

Liam, the lion, is to all the kids at Shreya's Nursery what Michael Jackson was (or is) to a lot of people. He actually is just a cuddly toy given to any kid who has done something special for the day. The child has to take Liam home for the day, take care of him, play with him and then draw something on the sheet of paper provided and return Liam the next day along with this drawing. S got it today and was visibly excited even though she has already got it quite a few times. As she came out of the nursery holding Liam in her hand, I could see her wide grin, the excitement in her eyes and other kids looking enviously at her! In fact this is the first piece of news the kids share with whoever comes to pick them up - who got Liam for the Day!

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